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…but it’s still November…

I know, I know, but half the shops on the grid are already pushing out freebie xmas outfits like their life depended on it. I have a bunch and I’m not even going to bother you with all of them, but so far there’s two I must draw your attention to… although one of them isn’t even a freebie. ^^

This one is a freebie from Exxess, complete with boots and earmuffs. I think it was a dollarbie, but hey same difference, really. Check out the heels. Seriously. @.@ Oh, the bauble choker and earrings are from another set, aka…

But I have been a good girl... or at least nice. .

But I have been a good girl... or at least nice. <.<

…from Crimson Shadow, one of my favorite shops on the grid. Some of my alltime favorites come from their lucky chair. *coughs* The following Christmas outfit was only 50 lindens. It also came with that bauble choker and earrings above, but for some idiotic reason the hat and one of the earrings use the same slot, and the choker and the teddy-lace use the same slot. Of course you can fiddle with it and re-attach, but you’ve been warned. Shoes, stockings, teddy and the hat included. And the jewelry.

Dear Santa, for Christmas Id like...

"Dear Santa, for Christmas I'd like..."

And since I’m talking of Crimson Shadow, remember to stalk their lucky chair to grab their latest one, Victoria. The wings and the tipped halo are so not included. ^^;;

And this is HOW nice Ive been!

And this is HOW nice I've been!


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