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Peace on Earth?

Another grid-wide hunt, this one themed ‘Peace on Earth’. The idea is to present and showcase different nationalities. It has started and runs to 31st of December, so there’s still plenty of time. However, there’s over 250 shops participating, so… put on those running shoes, that’s all I’m saying.

Check out the details, occasional missing links and the huge participation shop list from the official blog here. It works like all the chain-landmark hunts. You’re given beginning spot — in this case several — and you buy an item — in this case a globe like in the picture below for zero lindens. In the globe is the gift from the shop you’re in and a landmark to the next participating shop. A lot of the shops just leave the globe practically right there, there’s only one globe per shop and they’re pretty big. It’s not a difficult hunt, just a huge one.

Here’s a picture of Ivalde’s gift, a traditional Norwegian dress which was just way too cute not to pose in. On the background is the official poster that’ll be in all the participating shop, and you can glimpse a bit of an example globe, too.

It could almost be Finnish, I swear ^^

It could almost be Finnish, I swear ^^

Also, nothing forces you to do stuff in order or do even half of the hunt. Check out the participation list, pick your favorite shops and port in to grab just theirs. If you see the poster anywhere you’re already visiting, keep your eyes open for the globe~

My absolute must-haves from the shop list include Ivalde, Dilly Dolls, LBD, Alphamale & Blacklace, EarthStones, Lemania Indigo, PixelDolls, Twisted and Spoiled, Sn@tch and Zhao Shoes, although knowing myself, I’ll prolly end up grabbing most of the hunt anyway…


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