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One of the best shops for us gothically inclined on the whole grid is RFyre. They have just recently added a lucky chair near their special savings sections and the first dress to go in it is Twisted Swiss! Since I already have it, I didn’t have to move to live next to that chair — yet. Keep an eye on that chair, seriously. <.<

Another thing about RFyre that way too few people know is that they offer freebies. A packet of two tops, a jacket and three pants free to pick up on the wall! Here’s one of the tops and pants, modeled with a new hair-do from Exxess Designs — yes, I’m an addict. This particular one was a free gift in the group notices, so port in and join the group to get it! Hurry~

And last I have to flail about their latest release, Mercy. It’s a huge compilation of mix-and-match items in black and red and textures to die for. All sold separately, in combos or in a huge fatpack.  There’s the classic poodle skirt option, but they’re also trying out a new flexi shape, which is interesting to say the least. Sonya squirms so much while standing still that it sometimes turns to almost silks-like, but I love it anyways~


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