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Valentine Hunts

Since it’s February, every shop, mall and peddler wagon has a Valentine’s hunt or freebie or extra special sale thing going on. I’m personally profoundly allergic to pink, and the heart poofers make me cringe, but on the other hand I’m very fond of red and you can’t really say no to free lingerie either…

There’s two grid-wide hunts going on. There’s Kissed by Vain Inc. and Greatest Love. See details from the links. They list the participating shops, announce possible missing gifts, give you starter locations and so forth. Altogether that must be… easily over 300 shops. Some shops are in both hunts, which means two freebies in the same shop: one hidden in a pair of lips, the other in a yellow box with a pink heart on it. Keep your eye on the posters — the participating shops usually have a poster in front of the store.

The above is an outfit called Le Vixen by Dilly Dolls, definitely one of my favorites from the hunt. Background is the Kissed hunt poster.

Enjoy the hunt~

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