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Steamy Twisted Demonology Hunt?

One of the things I’ve always loved about Second Life is how versatile the avatars are. If it can be imagined, someone has probably made it and is selling it. If you want to be a pixie princess one day and a hellhound the next, nothing’s stopping you. If I want to run about as a dark elf in the morning, steampunk clockwork doll in the afternoon and a Victorian lady in the evening, it’s easily done.

Another of my favorite things in SL has always been the hunts. Freebies hidden away for you to locate @.@ It appeals to me both because of the free factor as much as the challenge factor of finding the hidden things. However, what Sonya agrees to wear is …carefully selected, to put it kindly. I have casual clothes. They’re in the ‘costumes’ folder. <.< Gothic, fantasy, vintage, couture and costumes is what’s in my inventory. Thus I don’t usually wade through the hunts with normal things in them. If I can wear couture, why would I ever want to put on jeans? O.o

But when September kicked off with Twisted Hunt, Demonology Hunt and Steam Hunt, it was time to hunt like no tomorrow. I’ve still not sorted it all, but I’m getting there. And since I was taking screenshots to show some of the looks around, I decided to share some of my favorites here!

Twisted Hunt was organized by DV8 and it was absolutely perfectly organized, too. A pleasure to hunt through, despite the twisted evilness of the well-hidden cubes. Here’s the first get-up that made me squee…

DV8’s Cyber Jammer outfit and skates. So random, so awesome. Skin is from Oralune and most definitely not a freebie. Hair and mask are from DV8 as well. If you click your AO off and walk while wearing the skates, you’re actually skating. ^^

This one made me blink. I doubt I’ll be wearing it much since grunge is hardly my style, and being a puppy even less, but I had to screenshot and post it for the sheer value of someone making other kemonomimi than nekos! Plus the attitude is awesome. Boots, hair, puppy bits and outfit all from Pop Tart & Urban Assault, skin from Falln and not a part of the hunt.

I did mention it was -Twisted- Hunt, right? This is a mix-match of things to create this lovely little demented dolly with a big, big sword. Skin – Nocturnal Flesh, hair – BattleAngel, dress – Dilly Dolls, pawboots – Demotik, sword- D.H. Customs, tophat – Burning Chrome — all from the hunt.

So when someone makes a full aztec temple with sacrifice stone, and another designer makes a minidress with a knife sticking out of your chest, you know what you have to do, right? Skin – Fatal Error, eyes – Absentia, hair – Discord Designs, outfit & knife – Vexed. Cannot wait for the Halloween parties now!

When we were done with the Twisted Hunt, we started the Demonology Hunt straight away! The subject is obvious and the quality of the items was surprisingly good for such a short and new hunt. There were organizational problems, but for a first hunt of its kind it was a really good one.

I had way too much fun with these photoshoots. Now, if you’re a girl, there is absolutely one thing above others you must get from this hunt and that’s the gorgeous demon skins of Frick. I’ll show all three of them, this is the first. The claw — which is another awesome thing — is from Red Eye Shop. Tail, shoulderspikes and hoofboots are from Burning Chrome. Horns from BloodMyst, spiked wrist strap from Spider Productions. The hair from Deviant Kitties and the straps from Chaospire were not a part of the hunt nor free.

Here’s the red skin from Frick! The awesome claw staff is also made by Red Eye Shop, but it’s hidden in Mayhem Weapon Store. Satyr hooves from Lazy Places. Horns, tail and spikes from The Stringer Mausoleum. Prim fire glowing eyes from Gothic Dreams, hair from Vixen Hair. The Chaospire straps still not free.

Here’s the third Frick skin and a more modern take on a demon! Ears, horns, goggles, pants, hoofboots from Nekorotic Misfits. The shirt from The U-neek, Plasma Spikes from  DeTHGRiP, hair Vixen Hair and the glowing prim eyes from Meimu.

And after barely catching our breath from all the brimstone, it was time to breathe in some steam and head out to the Steam Hunt! It was also the first time for that subject and obviously also for the people organizing it. Some of the big steampunk designer names were missing, the organization was generally a confusion, a lot of the shops had dropped out and so forth. It was mostly furniture and interesting gadgets, so if you’re after awesome mock-victorian gowns or airship pirate outfits, you still need to get those with lindens. However, here’s some of the looks I found interesting…

There were two prizes about steampunk mer-creatures. I found this intriguing. O.o I’ve combined them in this, using the tattoo and the top of aeNigma with the brass octomer ‘tail’ of Brackish. Hair is from Vixen Hair, eyes from Occular Oddities (the only eyes in the hunt, but boy were those clockwork eyes pretty) match strangely well with Falln’s Isis skin (which isn’t a part of the hunt). The deep breather on her upper chest (plus tanks on her back) is from Never Ever and the mechanical arm is from Bare Bear Discount Store. …really, don’t they rust when they swim? So curious.

Since the Steam Hunt didn’t have any skins in the prizes, I poked my inventory for some. This is Frick’s Noir, and for some reason I loved it for these demented doll looks. Hair is from The Stringer Mausoleum, necklace from Lantian, the dress from Weird Designs and the tophat from Viv Trafalgar Outfitters.

As far as screenshots go, this one is definitely one of my favorites. Skin is still Frick’s Noir (not a part of the hunt), there’s Tesla Rose (11 prims) from Rasetsukoku on the right and ‘Undying Love’ (77 prims) from Belle Belle on the left — the top two of my favorite furniture items on the hunt. Outfit from Ali Couture, tophat from Koatic Designs, hair from The Stringer Mausoleum.

And with that I’m signing out and leaving you to hunt for the rest of September — hurry up with the Demonology Hunt, it ends already on 15th. The two others run the whole of September. In October I’ll no doubt be busy again and will post again in a year or so! ^_^


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