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Yes, we’re building steam~

The second STEAM Hunt is here! Like the last time, most of the prizes were gadgets, builds, furniture and strange contraptions — this is about steampunk, after all. Thus the skin in all the pictures is my default one from Djinn & Tonic, and the hair in all but the first picture is from Sky Everett. Neither is free nor part of the hunt. I didn’t find the Steam website, but they have a flickr pool with hint list and prize pictures here. The simplest way to get the shop list, SLURLs and hints is to join the group (do a search for Steam Hunt in groups) and grab the most up-to-date notecard from the past notices. They are updated regularly. And after this little disclaimer, onward to my favorites!

Not all adventuring archeologists wear fedoras or shorts. Some of them prefer Victorian coats and death rays! The beautifully textured outfit (and the gun) is from LnL, the hat with hair is from Fiction & Chaos, as well as the clock maker’s ocular attachment. The picture is taken in a huge Steampunk Sky Rock from Kusshon, in the cave part of it. There were several other areas with different poses, and even steampunk tools in a crate that you could tinker with. I added Pondulator from Rocket Creations to the left and EyePod Victrola from Things You’ve Myst to the right on the table. Have to have my Abney Park while adventuring! And who self-respecting steampunk adventurer would go exploring without a pondulator? Please.

If death rays are too much for you, there’s always balloons! Julia Collection provided two versions of their hot air balloon — one for flying, the other for lounging and having a cup of tea. Except I am of course not drinking tea. Not while I have my shiny Steamy Espresso Machine (on the left) from Anna Darwinian! Steampunk Radio on the right is from Athy Designs. The outfit is from SteamBound, the mechanical arm from Yellow JesteR, necklace from ~Lantian~, bracelet from JaqueMate, hat from ~Illusions~ and the monocle from Rasetsukoku. It has a little tesla flicker in the corner that makes me beam. ^_^

If flying makes you nervous altogether, you can plan a sea trip while still all comfortable on the ground  — for example in this steampunk greenhouse from Kytheria. The Victorian ship captain’s desk and chair set is from MNM, and it had a lot of extra maps and an inkwell that gives you the quill in picture when touched. In the background there’s a steampunk shower from PdC, compass table from Oblonski and a cider machine from Steampunk’d on top of it. The dress is from Dressed by Lexi, bracelets from JaqueMate and the Morpheus top hat is from Grim Bros. Peer closer at that shiny top. There are -sheep- in it. Sheep and gears and strange glow and whatnot. @.@

The hunt is on until the end of March, so still plenty of time to get your gears in order~


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