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All the Best Buns ^_^

Let’s talk about bunnies! If I’d try to express all the reasons why I need to make a bunny post, this would turn into a novel instead of a blog post, so let’s just blame it on Easter. *grins* I figured it was about time I introduced everyone to some of the best bunnies on the grid. You know, to get you into Easter mood. No, I didn’t just feel like posing in different bunny accessories, geez! I don’t even have that many. <.<

…or maybe I do. There’s no way I could fit them all in one picture, but here are some of my favorites! Dress by Katat0nik, arm-hugging bunny from Pink Fuel, bunny on top of my head from LittleGirl, the bunny monocle from Sanu, the bunny beads from Diapop… the throwable bunnies I’m about to toss at you are from Scribble, as well as the big bunny on the background. I took the picture in Sanu’s sim and she has so many fun big bunnies around there that it’s always worth a visit. Eyes are actually from Umi Usagi and have tiny bunnies in them. The ears are from Eat Rice! which unfortunately does not exist anymore, but if you do a search for Ellie Celt you can find some of her hair on Xstreet. Skin by Djinn & Tonic and hair by Sky Everett as usual~

Who said that all the bunnies are nice and cutesy and innocent? <.< Here we have the Bad Bunwitch of the North, running her bunmafia~ This was not an excuse for me to squee and buy this dress from the clothing fair, I swear! It’s from KWZ in Omega Point and they must have had special sonya-bankruptcy-blueprints to combine black lace with bunnies, yegads. @.@ Shoes from Sentou Yousei, hair from Sky Everett, skin from Djinn & Tonic, eyes from EarthStones. And then the bunnies! I’m sure you all recognize my little minions there from HPMD – Happy Mood. They are all over the grid at most surprising places, because everyone loves them! Next to me is Athelia in disguise, wearing the tiny avi from Extrovirtual. These tinies are cuteness in a nutshell. They have a special AO that allows them to hop instead of walking, they can clap, laugh, cry, wave, sit and lie down. We’re sitting on a divan from Interiors by Callie in a gothic skybox from Nonino. The main star of this picture is on my lap, posing as the Doctor Evil’s cat. Meet Latte, my ozimals bunny! If you’re not familiar with Ozimals, you’ve been either off the grid or under a pixel rock for the last months. They’re breedable AI pets from — duh — Ozimals. There are no words to express the amount of cute that they are hopping around or dreaming about carrots and snuggling.

You can’t make a bunny post without these avis from DP yumyum. These are the bunnies that launched a thousand blogs! When they were first released as a prize from — I believe it was the first one? — Creator’s Stamp Rally, every blog had them hopping about, creating their own looks and stories and adventures for the bunnies. Here Athelia and I are bundancing in the garden of the new version of Saphir Haven, wearing !lamb bobs, Katat0nik dresses and draped in Pink Fuel’s bunnies. No, they are not attacking us, we’re babysitting them! They were so adorable that I might have to post the rest of the pictures in my flickr, because having had to pick just one picture makes me twitch so badly. ; ;


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