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Blogged to be Wild~

It’s about time the concept behind Creator’s Stamp Rally started spreading! It is an awesome one, and guarantees that the traffic in the shops actually pays attention to the products that are for sale instead of just wireframing through them. Not that I ever do that, noes. *coughs* Anyways, I’m talking about Wild Released. If you’re blinking cluelessly at the screen, please to be clicking that link and reading more from there~

I absolutely had to have three of the prizes. This meant I had to find three things with the card to buy! Onoes, I was forced to shop in my favorite stores, how shall I ever recover from this? Woe is me and so forth. Aand then to the things I bought! ^_^

I’ve been wanting to buy this dress from FlipSide for quite a while. It came with several colours, but this blue was so stunning that it became the theme for the whole picture. The dress comes with modesty bra whatnot, but seriously — who buys this dress to be modest? Not me. The picture is taken in the skybox by C&D Designs, I absolutely adore that blue wall in it. Speaking of things I adore: Mandala bracelets. The usual get-up of Djinn & Tonic skin, Sky Everett hair, EarthStones eyes otherwise.

I’ve always loved well-made pencil-skirts and high-waisted skirts (and pants) and generally all of that type of vintage look. It also fits perfectly for the character Sonya was originally created to portrait and roleplay. The outfit is from Silent Sparrow — so much squee for being forced to shop there, alas, alas! *grins* The skybox with the raven painting is from Coco’s Cottages, the desk is from Princess Gear. The necklace is from Kosh and I’ve been wearing it a lot lately with different looks, I might have to buy more from that set one of these days. The bob from lamb. is still awesome and the rest is the default look like in the FlipSide’s picture.

It’s PG, honest! *coughs* All the bits that matter are covered and I just couldn’t ruin the perfection of these tattoos with clothes. Fallen Gods Inc has always created breathtaking things, but these tattoos were a must-have. And since I generally tend to be in a drow or other dark fantasy skin when wearing this much of tattoos, I bought them in white. Drow ears with jewelry are from Illusions, the hair is from Exxess Designs, eyes from Absentia and the drow skin is from Realms of Aledar newbie packet. The picture is taken in the Voodoo Child skybox from Not Too Shabby and it’s one of my all-time favorite skyboxes for taking screenies in.

So, what did I pick as the rewards for my shopping spree? Here, I managed to put two of the prizes in one picture and yes, it’s still somewhere within the realm of strategically covered… but like above, this skin will not tolerate clothes to ruin the perfection!

The skin is the prize by Fallen Gods Inc and it is absolutely ridiculously gorgeous. The tone is slightly too approaching pink tones for me, but when I put the demo on I just knew I had to have it, regardless. So I did, right after I picked my jaw from the floor. The horns from Trap were another such prize… the textures were simply whimper-worthy. Combine the two and you have a lazy snake sunning in our garden~ Eyes are from Gothic Dreams and the hair from BeReal. The log is from iTuTu. ^_^

Yes, you can look again, I put clothes back on. *grins* Although I blog it last, this prize is what I picked first. I mean… seriously, Silent Sparrow making a steampunk dress? Gimme! I’m not that big a fan of brown usually, but for steampunk I make an exception and wander into the brown-brass areas, and these browns are simply -delicious- in tone. The picture is taken in a steampunk cottage from Builders Brewery. It was a Steam Hunt prize, as were also the hat from Illusions and the clockwork squirrel from Myrtil’s Mess. The armchair is from Ambiance, a part of the ongoing Second Style promotion. Hair from Vixen, choker from CatniP. Usual Djinn & Tonic skin and EarthStones eyes combo as the base.

All I need to do now is resist the temptation to buy something else to get more of the Wild exclusive prizes… <.<


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