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Must… have… popcorn…

Now, you all know that I love strange, quirky, eccentric things. Look at the blog — the only times I bother to post is when there’s something weird going on! The latest addition to this is the Zombie Popcorn Hunt. The participating shop list is ridiculously fantastic and high quality, and the prize items get an A for quality. However, I must wonder why not even half of the items had anything to do with zombies. O.o Much hat-tipping and kudos to those designers who went with the theme and had fun!

There was only one skybox in the hunt and although it was awesome, it was space themed. *blinks* So I rezed an old haunted house from Tuft to work as the background instead! The poses that have nothing to do with furniture are from Poses4Posers, who had created an absolutely delightful set of zombie poses for the hunt. My favorite item from the whole hunt is this skin by Plastik (a male version included as well), and I’ll show some of the other random nifty varied things and different zombie looks. Here we have a striped mini dress and matching socks and gloves from Acid & Mala. They included a clean version for non-zombie days as well. Shoes are from Ducknipple, belt from Loulou&Co, hair from Amacci, eyes from Plastik and the necklace from noir*lily.

Here we have an innocent little zombie girl, waiting for her dinner date, obviously feeling rather moping since he hasn’t showed up. The hilarious bed with two menus worth of poses (including jumping on the bed animation) is from Concrete Flowers. Skin is from Imabee, hair from IrEn, eyes from Kosh, bracelets from Loulou&Co and the dress from A-Bomb. So sweet, so adorable, so slightly demented circus-vibe. Perfect for cutesy zombie girls!

And here we have the reason why the dinner date never showed up. Didn’t get past the movie invitation downstairs. Seems he was delicious~ This zombie girl is obviously more of a tomboy and is dressed in male gifts from the hunt. Shoes from A-Bomb, outfit from DeeTaleZ and hair from Exile. I added the necklace from Gems & Kisses and the belt from Loulou&Co for some feminine touch, and the Plastik skin is of course the female version. The blood on the hands is from the earlier posted Acid & Mala outfit. Chaise is from Blue MoonPie, brains lunchbag from Intrigue Co and the zombie popcorn bag is what you get when you hit the hunt subscribo.

I have a feeling that when this particular zombie girl hears that someone hogged all the noms, there’s gonna be trouble. Plastik skin, Kosh eyes, MADesigns hair, Para Designs tattoo, iPoke piercing and Loulou&Co bracelet. The mini dress with the skull corsage is from III and the blood and scar layers are from dEVOL. The strangely disco armchair is from SHAG and the paper lanterns from Turnip’s Homes and Stuff.

Here’s something you don’t get to see often in this blog: blonde hair! I wasn’t going to, but then I ran into the skin from Glam Affair and had a vision of a Marilyn zombie. I wish I had had a blood-spattered torn classic white Marilyn dress to go with it, but… this’ll do. ^_^ Hair is from Exile, eyes from Plastik, all the blood and scars from dEVOL, necklace from Gems & Kisses, belt and bracelets from Loulou&Co, pose from Poses4Posers and the camo dress from Pesto.

Something about zombies and circus just works so well together. Here we have another mix of demented circus looks! Dress from Miamai, shoes from A-Bomb, gloves and stockings from Acid & Mala, skin from Imabee, eyes from Kosh and the funny hat hair from Posh. Pose one of those Poses4Posers zombie ones~

And then it’s time to box the zombies again, until next time! I love this random stealth box from Cloud 9.1 — no one suspects a boxed zombie! The skin from Fallen Style has the mouth sewn shut and a little scar near one of the eyes, the rest of the scars and blood are the courtesy of dEVOL. The yellow reptilian eyes are from Nut’s gift. You can also catch a glimpse of the spiked bracelet from Blitzed.

So there. Go out there, hunt for zombies, take their popcorn and run!


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