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Telltale Ravens

The Macabre Hunt is going on again and this time the theme is the works of Edgar Allan Poe. The hunt is relatively short, only 52 shops (of which three are sort of awol and one apologized for being late and promised to send the gift later), so it’s really an evening run.

Annabel Lee was one of the popular inspirations and here we have a full-fledged sepulchre from Bambi’s. The dress is by A Netherworld, skin by Rasetsukoku, eyes from Damage Virtual Clothing, necklace from AZE Designs and the hair and the earrings from Sky Everett (not a part of the hunt). The pose (by Essential Soul) is called Tiptoe, but it had this lovely eerie ghost-reaching-out quality to it when combined with the look.

This burlesque Lenore outfit set called for a very different style of macabre… it’s by Violent Seduction and absolutely gorgeous. The tophat is from Dead Designs, bloody knives from ODB (Ol’Dirty Bastards) and telltale heart attachment from Grim Bros. Skin is from Nightshade and the red glowing prim eyes from Damage Virtual Clothing. The hair is an old Starlust Valentine Hunt gift, since there were no hairs in this hunt at all. Sadness. ;_; The bed is from Tree House Treasures.

There were two different crypts to entomb Fortunato in, this one is by Saturnine Dreams. The strangely cute crow bone tophat has a birdie caught in it and is from Forsaken. Hair by Curious Kitties is not a part of the hunt. Skin and eyes from Not Button’s. Little Pricks provided several versions of this telltale heart necklace, pulsing and not. The dress is from Rotten Defiance.

The Oval Portrait received several interpretations as well, both in painting and otherwise. The strange building by Daallinii’s Creations was one of them. You are invited to walk around a room and as you walk, the story appears on the floor until you finally stand in front of a door. When you enter the story ends with this sentence on the floor and the painting facing you. The raven from MadPea is awesome and defaults to sit on your shoulder. Dress is from Gehenna, the mask from Othrive and the writing tattoo from Little Pricks. Skin from Tacky Star, eyes from Damage Virtual Clothing and the hair is by Sky Everett and not a part of the hunt. I used an old full-perm ‘lay dead’ pose for this, the building itself has no poses.

There were plenty of interesting and quirky things in the hunt, now go out there and find your own favorites~


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