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Freebie Series, Part 1 – Maija

Sometimes I get an urge to blog, but there’s nothing absolutely awesome going on on the grid. This is sad. ;_;  I’m also horribly picky.  I like themes. I like to build sets and scenes. I like to put together looks in a fashion that is more about creating a character than anything else.

Therefore I’m starting a new random series of posts: freebie series. To challenge myself I’m really going to keep it full freebies, as in not even dollarbies are allowed. Obviously I can’t access new-resident-only things and I don’t do pick prizes so those two are out. Anything else goes.

The base idea is to create a home from a freebie skybox or house, furnish it with freebie furniture and then create a character who would live there. Match the home and the avatar. There are way too few furniture and house blogs so… adding a little to that! This is also my attempt to prove that really, there is no excuse to walk around looking like you escaped from a time capsule. Looking good does not cost anything in SL, honest.

This look started from that hair. It demanded to be blogged. It’s by ZEUS and it was a part of the Shooting Star Hunt. It’s scripted to colour change between brown and red, and there’s several different scarf colours as well. I have a RL friend who once upon a time had this hairdo, more or less. When I realized this — after I had already taken these pics — I also realized that I had actually matched the rest of the outfit and colours and things exactly to what I think she’d wear or like. So, Maija — this post is for you. ❤

The skin is by Heaven Sella, her work is often under Heaven’s Skin or Heaven’s Shapes or Heaven’s Gate and they’re always the ultimate kawaii innocence. The sparkles and paintsplashes on her cheeks are actually part of the lashes, which in part were a part of the Shooting Star Hunt gift from Dimbula Rose. …too many parts in one sentence. Anyways! Eyes are the latest freebie from Poetic Colors and they are as breathtaking as always. Jewelry is from Bliensen + MaiTai, very summer-flowery set of earrings and necklace. The little red wagon with flower pots is from Petunia (from the Believe Hunt) and the wall painting is one of the freebies from UrbanizeD.

The outfit is a combo from the gifts of Malt (top), WoE (pants) and Concrete Flowers (gloves). The poses in this and the first picture are by Modd.G and all of the outfit and the poses were picked up from the FabFree Headquarters.  If you haven’t stopped there for a while (or ever), I recommend hopping over just to check. There’s a lot of random gifts from a surprisingly high class list of designers.

The house is a cute little one-room thing from Modest House. The bookshelves, fruit basket and the floor pillows are all from Pestique, who was participating in both Lost My Marbles Hunt and Dark Katz Hunt. The easel is from UrbanARTs and the owls are another wall tattoo painting thing, this one from If Walls Could Talk. I resized it smaller to guard over the books~

The couch with a lot of poses is from Interior Addiction and is their prize in the Shooting Star Hunt. The moon lamp that randomly matched its tone is actually from Kuri Style and from a set of several other lamps of similar theme. The amusing picture collection on the wall is from Cheap Cheap, another wonderful furniture find in the world of kawaii and quirky. The sandals are the classic Lassitude & Ennui signature sandals that I’ve had forever. I went over and checked that they were still there and still available, which they were. Always a pleasure to find out that some good things stay on the grid!

So, there you have it — a mix of artistic and kawaii, homecrafted quality and quirk — perfect for summer~


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