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Shameless Plug for Niceness~

I love lucky chairs. Who wouldn’t? If there’s things I’d wear — and I am horribly picky, I admit this — I often stand in front of one for hours while handling other things at the same time, leaving just the chair bit and the chatbox visible on the screen. Yesterday Athelia had informed me of the too-good-to-be-true freebie bangles and after I had picked them up and hit the shop’s subscribo, I looked around, blinked at the awesomeness and quality and set myself in front of the lucky chair while handling the bunny records.

Then, out of the blue, the shop’s owner IMs me and asks if I’m after something specific in the lucky chair. I had barely looked since I knew by the general quality of the store that whatever I’d manage to get would be great. I quickly checked what the chair had eaten and mentioned something that sounded cute. She gave me a fatpack of them. I blinked and boggled and tried to recover and we chatted on. While we talked, she gave me several more things out of the blue. She said that to some it might seem like a bad business move to give out freebies like that, but she thinks it’s all fine and good if people see other people wearing her jewelry.

I am still so shocked (in a good way) by this that I decided that instead of only wearing her jewelry — which I so will, squee! — I shall make a blog post about the pretties. Not only because they are awesome, but because niceness should be rewarded and encouraged and there is never enough of it in the world. ❤

The shop is called Mariposa and here are some of my favorites…

This set of necklace, bracelet and earrings is very summery and can also be worn with more native looks.  I make various fantasy / historical looks all the time, these things are important! The necklace came with both chest and spine attach versions and immediately sat well without zillion twists and turns in edit mode. Too many necklaces are made for shoulders so wide that no matter how you set it, there’s extra space. This was just perfect at one go.

None of my girl bunnies were awake for a casual jewelry picture and thus poor Frappe had to pose. He’s trying to hide his horror, but his ears were twitching. The dress is from Salire and if you’ve never visited, I warmly recommend. Cutesy little dresses in ridiculous low prices. Hair Sky Everett, skin Djinn & Tonic, eyes Poetic Colors.

This is the fatpack of jewelry (plus bracelet that is not in the picture). Oh so many different gems and colours in either bronze or silver. I used to wear a necklace like this in red in RL a lot at one point in my life and I squeed when I unpacked all of this, I assure you. The silver-blue combo will become a staple. *nods* Just wanted to show the bronze-orange one because it matched the background so well. Hair is from Waka & Yuki (old lucky board), eyes from Poetic Colors and for once the Djinn & Tonic skin is without the lipstick!

I have to show the too-good-to-be-true freebie bangles as well, right? They are awesome and spiky and punksy. Thus I couldn’t really take casual shots out of them either. …and as I was building a look around them, I sort of went overboard. You know how I am. *grins*

Awesome freebie bangles are awesome, hmm? Oh, and the lip piercing is from the lucky chair! Hair is from eXceSs (Hybrid Hunt gift, going on until 1st July), skin from Red Queen, eyes from Urban Dare and the vest from Aoharu. Pose by Niqotine (closed down).

There are also more girlier pretty freebies, but these were simply breathtaking in the awesome level. Now go and visit, check out the rest of the things and enjoy the shinies!


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