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Geeks FTW!

There’s a Geekgasm Hunt going on. O.O 50 shops, good organization, excellent quality. Join the group and check the notices for a list of SLURLs and hints. Most of the prizes were easy to find, but there were a handful that were challenging enough to require a couple of visits.

And without further ado… here’s some of my favorites!

Of course I had Cappuccino with me in these pictures! He -is- the nerd bunny, after all. He’s busy rolling a ranger here, yesyes. The table is DnD 3.5 Edition Gaming Table from Sweet Agony Designs. The books had links to the online versions of the books and it was more or less fully playable. Wonderful idea and it did make me squee — until I realized its permissions had one of my biggest pet peeves. Non-linked and non-copy. -.- This means that to move the table or to rez it more than once you need to add and place all the books and sheets and dice and things one by one. Sadness.

Avatar Bizarre had Doctor Who (Fourth) hat and scarf! I admit that I’m a bad Who fangirl and haven’t watched the old stuff, but it made me squee regardless. ^^ The ‘Big in Japan’ shirt is from Fab.Pony, the sweater over it from Pig Shop. The plaid shorts are from Cool Beans, the lunchbox from A-Bomb and the glasses — there were lots and lots of them in the hunt, for obvious reasons — are from Ol’Dirty Bastards. Pose is by [face] and I should really be holding the included light saber with it, but my Who-geek rather had the lunchbox.

The skybox is the same in all these pictures and it’s not from the hunt. It’s by Orange Peel and I think it was a prize from Lost My Marbles Hunt since it’s delightfully upside down. I figured it was fitting for the geek theme. So all the furniture you see upside down in the picture is a part of the skybox. Oh, and the Mario mushroom lamps in the background are from Croire.

I know what I’m wearing the next time there’s a crazy-hat-party! Piranha Plant Hat by Intrigue Co. is awesome. Yes, it’s noming your head. ^^ Tetris mini dress and mouthie thing are from Relentless Couture and the G33K spelling necklace from Malizz Yiyuan Creation.

There were no hairs in the hunt gifts, so I’m using my own. The bob from lamb. in the first two (perfect hat hair) and a messier one from Curious Kitties in the last picture. The eyes are from Poetic Colors and not free nor a part of the hunt. The skin is a hunt prize from Skinthesis and the same in all three pics. There were more skins, but this one was my favorite. It’s called Droogette for the reasons that should be obvious with the last picture. Oh, there was also Droog skin for boys included.

These tattoos by Soap were also squee-worthy idea. As for the skin, I removed the prim lashes just to show off the right eye’s make-up. The necklace is from Loulou&Co. The couch is from {what next}, the painting is a part of the skybox. Pose by Pretzel*Poses (not a part of the hunt). Cappuccino is holding a little staff pin notecard thingie from Medley that says: “Hello my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” ^_^

All in all it was a geeky-cute theme, wonderful quality, exceptionally well organized (duh, it was done by geeks <.<) and I sincerely hope they’ll do another one later!


2 thoughts on “Geeks FTW!

  1. Nerd-bunnies are adorable, yes! Although difficult to breed sometimes, they get all shy and stumbly and require a stronger partner to pounce them. *grins*

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