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Summer Is All About Strawberries~

At least here in Finland. We have a strawberry season for about two months, if we’re lucky. Foreign strawberries don’t taste as good and are a poor substitute, thus no amount of importing will fix this matter. Summer is about strawberries and Finns are like kids in a candy store, buying boxes of strawberries and just noming them as they are. ^_^ …because who could -wait- to make something out of them, seriously? <.<

Anyways! Magic of OzOzimals have a Strawberry Festival going on! It’s not really a hunt since all you need to do is pick up your strawberry basket from Magic of Oz sim, go to for example the little mall area in the same sim and click the strawberries that keep respawning. After every six strawberries you get a blue menu asking which shop’s fork you want. There’s 16 shops involved altogether. When you have a fork (although I’d recommend getting all the ones you want first), you visit their shops in either of the sims, wear the fork and click it when standing near a cake in their booth. Then you get the prize. All of course strawberry themed.

The super cutesy strawberry outfit is from katat0nik, except for the socks and wristlettes from Silent Sparrow. The barrettes are from Blackberry Jam and the cute tag with a red ribbon is from Scribble. The tree with a strawberry light on the left is from Fae & Tiny Fantasy Creations, the barrels from veLveteen and the flower arrangement from ~Houses For You~. Hair from LOQ and skin from Djinn & Tonic are not a part of the hunt~

Random close-up is random! Sanu had provided adorable earrings (and a necklace and a crayon ^^) and Evie had this wonderful wreath. Eyes from Poetic Colors ❤ (not a part of the festival)

There’s cute and there’s cute and then there’s Risusipo. ^.^ They had this bunny tiny with a strawberry dress, a chipmunk tiny with a strawberry dress -and- a normal human woman sized strawberry dress as well! Kahlua is balancing a finch from Schadenfreude on top of her head. They’re really shoulder-pet-birdies, but the dress was rather busy as it was! Cute non-festival related Happy Mood things on the background! (Stump, bunny, birdies~)

I didn’t show off everything, but these are my favorites. Remember, all the shops are in either Magic of Oz or Ozimals sims. Easy and fun — as long as lag doesn’t hit you~


3 thoughts on “Summer Is All About Strawberries~

  1. awesome post!! glad u liked the pose barrels! i made them with my partner barnesworth anubis for the festival 🙂

    great post!



  2. It’s easy to rock socks when they’re so very rockish! *grins* And the world needs more fun and cute things, bunny-barrels and poses~

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