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Monsters in Your Head — At Least in Your Hair~

The second run of Crazy Arse Hair Hunt has started, huzzah! The beginning location is in The U-Neek. You can pick up the SLURL list to the participating shops from the hunt poster there. The shops are not listed in any kind of order and there are no hints. However, I had to return the second time to only three shops, so it wasn’t too tricksy. The theme was ‘monster’, so there were plenty of spiders and snakes crawling over the hairs. o.o

This lovely little thing was called Lunch. I’d personally call it either Omnomnom or Braaiiiins~  The snacking alien is from Griddie, the skin is from Fallen Gods Inc. and the picture was taken in a skybox from PR!TTY. Obviously only the hairs are from the hunt, the rest I dug up from my bottomless inventory of dooom.

This hair from Battle Angel really -is- alive, its shiny tendrils moving slightly. It came in several hues, but this was such a glow fest that I couldn’t resist. Very star-creature alien vibe. Skin is one of Heaven Sella’s and the wonderfully creepy eyes are from Absentia. The picture was taken in a skybox from Not Too Shabby.

Here’s one of the snake hairs — this one by Cilian’gel. The snakes were moving. <.< The skin is by Frick, her new dollarbie wearable demo. The neko eyes worked fine for the snake lady and are from Urban Dare. The picture was taken in a Darkwood Gazebo from S&C Designs.

The monster from Curious Kitties is obviously of more adorable kind. ^_^ The hair had awesome hornesque spikes on the back/sides, but I liked this pose so much that you have to go and get the hair yourselves to see them! Skin by Frick, one of her older ones. Eyes still from Absentia. Photobox from Tuft.

I found myself really liking this jewelry and metal flower decorated strange little pigtail thing from La Boheme. I combined it with a skin from Pink Fuel, lashes from Sky Everett and eyes from Vision to add to the strange silvery-grey shy cuteness of it. The skybox is the same Voodoo Child one from Not Too Shabby. It’s a skybox that just keeps on giving! ❤

This is probably my favorite of the hairs this run, as surprising as it might be. I know it’s pink! But… but… it has a partridge in it. Seriously. o.o It’s called Partridge in a Hair Tree and is by Miasnow. I used the latest group gift skin from Rotten Toe with it, as well as eyes from Poetic Colors and the lashes from Dimbula Rose. The picture is taken in the small hanami box from Clematis. Can we say ‘kawaii’? Yes, yes we can.

There were just over 50 shops in the hunt and plenty of crazy to go around, so grab the strange things to wear on your head while you still can!


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