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How do your pixels live?

I think it says something about the human mind that in the world where we can be anything we want, we often create most wondrous fantasy avatars, who then have homes with bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. The very least. I have been plotting a full-freebie post about a fantasy avi, but I’m seriously having trouble finding a freebie skybox and/or other environment base for that avi to live in. Where as I could kit a dozen of different styled human avis and their houses with freebies. Especially now!

Putting my rambling aside for the moment to introduce the SL House & Garden Hunt! The blog is here and the beginning location is here. There’s 50 shops involved, all ridiculously high quality and the organization was practically flawless. By the time I started it, it was smooth, effortless and fun. It also did what only the very best of hunts do anymore — introduced me to several shops I had never heard of, but immediately fell in love with. I do not go through too many hunts these days, not thoroughly. I admit that I handpick, either based by blog posts or because I know I like a certain shop’s style and quality. There simply are too many hunts going on at any given moment. However, this one I did from beginning to the end and it might end up being on the top of the list based on how much stuff from a hunt I -keep-. So very warmly recommended. ❤

This beach house from Starwind Homes is my favorite from the houses and skyboxes in the hunt. It is interestingly built, has a wonderful colour scheme and even paintings matching it. The window sill has a couple of pillows for lounging upon, but I used the floor pillow from {what next} instead. I decorated the window sill with two bonsai trees from Organica, candles from Ambiance, ickle so-cute-it-kills tulip from LISP Bazaar and a little book pile from .SunnyM.

You can see more books from Aria on a window sill on the left, right next to the mostly yellow chair and table from Art Dummy. I set a bunch of fun make-up products from Dutchie on the table. Far back — somewhat hidden my by skirt — is a hacienda lounging rug with pillows from Ambiance (colour-change <3) and a lamp from Melia. Up in the ceiling is a ventilator from Cleo Designs. The paintings on the right are a part of the house, but beneath them is a canvas trio from Aria and Kessel table from Second Spaces.

The dress brings me to another hunt alert for August: No Strings Attached Hunt, for all you doll lovers. The blog is here. Orange and beige aren’t usually my colours (except possibly in steampunk looks <.<), but this dress was way too cute to pass. Not to mention conveniently matching to all this orange in the house. Oh, and it’s from Broken Doll. ^_^ Hair is from Curious Kitties, eyes from Poetic Colors, apple in her hand from Shade — none of which are a part of any present hunts. She’s wearing a lovely key jewelry set from Violet Voltaire, complete with a doll key, also a part of the NSA Hunt. I know, I know, not really visible, but I wanted to mention them just in case. The skin is from Nightshade and it’s a part of another interesting hunt going on at the moment, but I’ll ramble more about it in just a few pictures~

I blame the scarecrow. It just sort of automatically set the vibe slightly strange, mayhaps even creepy. Just a touch of it~ The scarecrow and the garden where my rogue rabbits are busy noming are from Herbalys. The grass is from MiaSnow and it’s tintable. It’s white, I added some green to it to match the rest of the scene. The picnic table is from Phi and the waffle maker on it from Reek. The yucca plant in the bottom right corner is from Blonde. The whole little garden scene is set into a tree sky garden from Zacca.

The slightly eerie broken dollie is enjoying the mood swing from Belle Belle. The broken doll skin is from F’ed Up, a part of the NSA Hunt. The dress is Blue Belle from Deviance, I believe it was in the lucky cupcake. Shoes are from Grim Bros and they’re my favorite dollie shoes ever, such details. ❤ The hair is from 69 (not free) and there’s Sounds of Nature headphones on her head, complete with little butterflies and all… the latest Themeory product from Tweedle.

Slightly darker and more modern dollie here, lounging on a pillow from UrbanizeD. Most of the things on the background are from Designer Prims. (The chair on the right, the taller table, all the things on it and the books under it, to be precise.) The wall decal that I shrunk and set under the window is from {what next}, the smaller table with candles on it is also from UrbanizeD and the collection of books and tasty looking drink and glass is dubbed ‘clutter’ and is from .SunnyM. The movie clapper is a part of a director’s chair set from Tasty and the skybox itself is from Barcode.

The Hellsing Manga, the bright red spot in the near monochrome room is from Atypical and a part of the Industry District’s opening celebration hunt. It runs until August 12th and you’re looking for tiny gears in corresponding shops, here’s the ride. The Nightshade skin in the first picture is from this hunt. Other things from the hunt in this picture are the tattoos from Endless Pain, lip piercing from Little Boy Blue, industrial fall out goggles from Forsaken and the eyes — what little you can see of their gleam — from Eye Factory. The skin and the outfit are both from the latest Black Bacchanal — skin by Nomine and outfit by Blue Blood. The hair is from Exxess Designs (not free).

So many hunts going on and I’ve barely scratched the surface again. @.@


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