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Quick Plat~

In case you live under a virtual rock and haven’t heard, the Platinum Hunt has started! It lasts the whole of August and features 100 high quality designers. To collect such an amount of awesome obviously came with a price tag — every hunt prize is 10L. I recommend blog-window-shopping before you poof 1k lindens accidentally. However, there -are- insanely breathtaking things involved, so don’t consider it a hunt-with-price, consider it a gridwide sale convention or some such. A bit like 50L Fridays, except it’s just for one month and much cheaper~

Above my favorite things from the hunt: skin by Mynerva, dress by PurpleMoon Creations and the skybox by III. However, the skybox also featured one of my biggest pet peeves: no-copy, non-linked. Which means that after you rez the said skybox once to take pretty pics in it, you get to pick it back up in pieces. If it was no-transfer, I wouldn’t mind at all, it’s just a few more deletes at that point and a fresh re-rez later when I want to take more pretty pictures in it, but… *sighs* Why do you do this to me, skybox designers? *wails* Regardless, the skybox is gorgeous and quirky~

The dress is breathtaking. It has random… ribbony wire things on the back, there’s longer and shirter skirt versions included and the necklace comes with the collar or without. I’ll be honest: that collar is one of the main reasons I got the dress. It screamed of photoshoots and shiny black-and-white couture ❤

The skins come with several different make-ups, dark elf ears and kajal — a definite must-have if you like running around as a dark elf sometimes. I know I do. <.<

The hair (Sky Everett), bracelets (Ganked), eyes (Vision) and pose (Estetica) are not a part of the hunt~


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