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Time for More Popcorn!

“Did you hear? The second Zombie Popcorn Hunt has started! Oh, I finished it already, it’s full of awesome stuff. 84 shops, hints provided on the website as well as more sneak peeks and there’s a helpful in-world group to guide your shuffling steps, too!”

The amusing brick cell phone that I’m calling from is from Soap. The couch is from Kosh and the fun photo box is from Slash Me Poses. I used it for all the pictures in this post. This particular gossiping zombie girl is made of skin by Garage, eyes by Glam Affair, hair by Exile and rings & nails combos by Virtual Insanity. She’s wearing a dress and gloves by Acid & Mala, leggings by Leaks and necklace by Loulou&Co.

“Hunting? But I barely just managed to find my heart! I’m not leaving this room until I get it stitched back! Every morning same damn thing and I’m not even dressed yet! …oh, and have you seen my eye anywhere? No? Dammit.”

This little zombie didn’t go to market, but she has an awesome heart and ripping wound on her chest by Olive Juice. The pose is a part of the photo box, though. She has skin by Djinn & Tonic, eyes by Repulse and super fun zombie hair by CriCri. It has bloody bandages! She’s wearing a classy lingerie set by Glam Affair — once you clean away the blood layer it’s practically pin-up! She also has a lip piercing by Plastic Flowers and a mouthie chain by Calypso Giano. It has a script to change the letter on it so you can make a mental note on who to nom next~

“I’d love to hunt, but I’m sort of pinned down right now… gimme a moment to wiggle through this voodoo pin and I’ll be right over!”

I know, I know, I have a strange liking to demented ballerina doll looks. This little golden zombie dolly is made of skin by !Imabee, eyes by MADesigns and hair by Zanda. I really like that hair, despite it leaving most of her skull bald — something that I usually run screaming away from. It has awesome vintage feather hairpiece and it’s just so quirky combination that it’s practically irresistible. She’s wearing a dress by Rotten Toe, jewelry set (earrings & necklace) by Caroline’s Jewelry and mouthie thingie by Acide. The y-stitch on her chest is by Love Zombie and the voodoo pin with the pose is a part of Del May’s voodoo pin collection.

“Bloody excuses! I’m getting us out of here and then you’re all coming with me. Then we hunt. …oh, and maybe pick up some of those prizes, too.”

No box can keep a determined zombie down! …I mean in. Anyways! The chair and the pose with it are also a part of the Slash Me Poses hunt prize. Oh, and see the crack in the glass? Also a part of it. You can choose between the broken glass and a screen. She’s made of skin by Djinn & Tonic, eyes by Repulse, tattoos by Para Designs and hair by MADesigns. She’s wearing a dress by Bubble, but the socks are by Rotten Toe and not a part of the hunt. I just had to add them since they matched so well. Her shoes are by hoorenbeek, bracelet by Blitzed, necklace by Loulou&Co and piercings by Acide (more or less all over the face). Oh, and she has a brain kabob by Concrete Flowers as a future snack with her, holding it in her mouth.

Zombies have escaped! Your turn to hunt them down now~


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