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Winters Make Me Blue~

I’m back! Well, sort of. I still spend plenty of time running about as a catgirl in Final Fantasy XIV, but SL called me back as it tends to do… and so I’ve spent a lot of hours sorting my inventory that still had unsorted Twisted and Steam Hunts from the autumn, not to mention all the group gifts and other must-pick-ups that had piled up during all this time. It’ll be a while before all that’s sorted, and then I should go through a lot of old stuff still… one of the reasons why sorting never ends in SL is that all the wonderful content creators get better and better all the time and what was high-end awesome a year ago is very likely trash material today. *sighs*

But anyways, here’s my favorite wintry finds!

Winters Make Me BlueThis candycane skin by Heartsick (xmas freebie) has absolutely stolen my heart and I’m seriously considering if not picking it as Sonya’s new default skin, at least going shopping there to see what I can find. The blue, blue eyes are the latest freebie from Poetic Colors. The hair is a subscribo-gift from Amacci and absolutely adorable with the colour-change cap. It’s also called Sonya, so naturally I decided it was a sign for a more fresh, cutesy look. The earrings are from Kosh, a part of their Hibernation jewelry line that I adore — black wintry-bare tree against grey background. No, not free, but definitely affordable. The coat is also not free, but I had to have it. I get this whole Nordic mood sometimes, can’t help it. Fortunately Aoharu delivers for those moods in fantastic quality.

On hunt news, the Seasons Hunt has started and will last until 29th of January. I picked up this skybox with snowing windows from Concrete Flowers and the Winter Words Sofa from LISP Bazaar.


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