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Random Rococo~

I know, I know, two posts in one day! O.o

I bought this rococo dress by Likka*House a while ago, but never finished the look as I planned it until now. So once I did, I had to take screenshots. After which I obviously had to blog about it. So here, have a random rococo doll~

The dress, socks and shoes are all a part of the outfit by Likka*House. The hair is by Violator and I originally bought it back in the day from Rezzable’s Future Is Now exhibition. The doll box with poses is The Collector’s Case from LuNi.

Skin is from F’d Up (an old hunt gift). It’s absolutely wonderful broken doll skin, it even has shadows and drawn-in joints for the doll. Eyes are from Plastik, I think they came in the surreally huge load of xmas presents Aikea sent to her group. The heart attachment is from Grim Bros (an old hunt gift). The dress itself has several options with roses and laces and ruffles for the chest, but I wanted a steampunkish weird heart attachment as well as the doll key on the back and the new viewers hate me, so I can’t use multiple attachment points yet. The key is from Dare Designs, not that you can see much of it.

~Her spring is sprung and dances done, spinning as she sprawls, thank God the curtains fall~         -Abney Park-

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