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Brief Burlesque~

~Show a little more, show a little less, add a little smoke, welcome to Burlesque~

The movie came only recently to Finland so I know I’m late with flailing about it, but flail I shall! I love the whole fifties-pin-up, burlesque, cabaret vibe — feathers, pearls, diamonds, corsets, hats, striped socks, fishnets, garters, fans and a lot of attitude — very different from modern regrettably bimbo-vibe of sexy.

I got home, put this song on repeat and went dance shopping. Dances are my second big vice in SL, along with hairs. If I find something that’s awesome, it’s coming home with me immediately. Four dance purchases later I managed to escape before my linden wallet got me a restraining order. Then I whipped out this awesome sparkly dazzly skybox from A.D.D. Andel! — old hunt prize — dressed up and started taking pictures~

It was fun to dig into my cabaret/circus folder in the depths of my gigantic costumes folder, had forgotten all the nifty things I have! All the violet parts — skirt, hat and gloves — are from (*chanimations. They are specialized in cabaret and burlesque poses and props, awesome stuff! The feather fan and the -other- hat (yes, I’m wearing two) are from -mika- and their shop is full of feathers and burlesque clothes. The boa is from VLW (Vicarious Lee’s Wildthings) and the body suit is from L.Fauna. The stockings with the garters are from League, a recent purchase and I absolutely adore them and need more excuses to wear them. The colourful face tattoo is from Para Designs, hair from Waka & Yuki, skin from Djinn & Tonic and eyes from Poetic Colors. Oh, and the pose is actually a burlesque dance from Ministry of Motion, I took the picture in the middle of the dance.

~So get your ass up, show me how you burlesque~


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