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Less than Three

Yes, it’s the V-day tomorrow and so you get less than three pictures: two, in fact. As you all know, the grid is full of Valentine things, from several hunts to group gifts to new releases. There’s also a delightful amount of anti-valentine’s things going on, starting from CHIC Limited’s new event to dark, dark Tainted Love Hunt (not for the faint of heart).

I didn’t grow up with Valentine’s culture since it was launched rather late in Finland, and when it was, it got translated into Friend’s Day. The commercial target group and plan was to guilt teenage girls into sending each other postcards instead of hoping to guilt Finnish men into the roses, chocolate and diamonds trap. So therefore, in that spirit, here’s a picture for a friend of mine who’s of the opinion that tentacles need love, too!

At least it knows how to be a gentleman! Um. Gentle… thing? Gentlecritter? Gentlemonster? Whatever, noms are always appreciated~ The Narcissist pond where it lives is from Virtual Alchemy Photography. The background is composed of a goth sky box by Morigi Steam and a vampires gothic rose garden by Moon’s Howling Creations. All three are Tainted Love Hunt prizes. The delicious chocolatey outfit is from Ruru@Pino and the noms the gentlecritter is offering are from Slow Kitchen and Love Soul. All of them, as well as the oh so heartful eyes by Umedama Holic are a part of the cutest Valentine hunt on the grid: Cupid Heart Hunt full of kawaii quality things. The skin is by Heartsick (lucky board prize) and the fancy make-up is by Miamai (February group gift). Hair is by Sky Everett and has nothing to do with Valentine, except for the fact that I love-love her hairs~

I am a very anti-pink person, despite the fact that cute things make me squee~ Red, however, that’s something different. Especially properly dark, gothic, passionate red. So that tends to be what I pick up and keep during the virtual valentine times: noms and red lingerie. It isn’t SL Valentine without Blacklace lingerie, right?

As you can of course guess, the lingerie set is by Blacklace — a hunt prize in the Iconically Sexy Shopping District’s birthday hunt. The skin is Rotten Toe’s valentine group gift and full of her typical doll-style charm with a decadent flair. The tattoo is by Fallen Gods Inc, their hunt prize for the When Roses Turn Black Hunt. The tattoo does not reach the face, the heart around the eye is a part of the skin. The butterfly hair decoration is a freebie from SugarCoat and the ring is KOSH’s prize for the Tainted Love Hunt. The house is by Zacca, their prize for SwayLand’s Butterfly Hunt and the rug, pillow, couch and the love thoughts scroll (click to change the quote) are all by Fallen Gods Inc. They had a delightful little extra hunt of their own for Valentine’s. I love hunting in there, so many secret areas and mysteries to uncover~ Eyes are still Umedama Holic’s and hair (although different one) still by Sky Everett. And the goggles? Belle Belle. Had to add them. Just because ❤


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