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52 Colours: Teal

Miss Teal of 52 Weeks of Color Challenge turned out to be an elementalist. Who knows what she’s managed to summon there…

The picture is taken in a lovely waterfall-hidden cave by TOWA, full of shiny things~ The white foam is a part of the skin by Fallen Gods Inc, the black writing and feathers are a separate tattoo layer by The Plastik. Her eyes that are blackened by the summoning magic are by Damage Virtual Clothing. The conveniently teal hair that I dug up from my mermaid hair folder is by Red Queen. The adorable little Nautilus statue was fished up from Tekeli-li and the outfit and scepter are by Deviance. I adore her fantasy outfits. It’s rare for prim-skirts to settle on Sonya’s hips without any editing, but hers do. ❤ Oh, and the pose is by HopScotch.

As for next week… seriously? Electric Lime? O.o


7 thoughts on “52 Colours: Teal

  1. I’ll do with electric lime the same thing everyone else is! Get a headache from headdesking so much! *laughs*

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