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52 Colours: Electric Lime

Now this was a challenge. I stared at the colour sample at the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge page and tried to figure out who would possibly wear that colour. Only two things came to mind: 1) neon-enthusiasts in the eighties 2) cyberpunks. I’m sure no one has to wonder which option I took. *grins*

Miss Electric Lime is obviously a hissy kick-ass girl armed with a spiky scythe and tons of attitude~ She’s wearing the bright neon colours as a warning, just like many creatures in the wild. You don’t want to mess with me, I’m poisonous. In her case, probably toxic.

Her outfit is a mix of DV8 (skirt and top) and Gauze (black latex layers underneath). The gasmask, zydrate fix armstrap and the cyber scythe are also from DV8. Hair and cyber arm implants are by Fatal Error. Skin and eyes are by The Plastik and the pose by Niqotine Poses. The abandoned toxicity house is by Firefly Fashions.

After this week I feel ready for any other colour!


12 thoughts on “52 Colours: Electric Lime

  1. Bunneh? *used to be an Ashirin once upon a time in the house of Yigsawla*

    Also, how cute are you?! I love this look, and see that I wasn’t the only one to turn to DV8 for this week’s color. 😀

  2. Ash! Yegads, I wondered where you vanished! So much squee! 😀

    And yeees, DV8 was the obvious address for this one. *grins*

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