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Late for the World’s End

Apparently the World’s End Garden has been around for ages, I just never knew about it. I believe the latest group gifts are rather recent though, considering relatively new posts about them. Regardless I’m ashamed to admit that I’m late for the end of the world. How embarrassing is that~

There are three separate areas, connected by handy little teleports at the chaises. One of them has the group gifts, the two others are for indulging in the beauty and atmosphere. Psst, the chaises have couple poses~

I admit I went sort of crazy with trying different windlight and graphic settings. On that note, I have recently switched to Kirsten’s Viewer and the shadows and other graphical pretties make me swoon~

I was really torn whether I’d take the picture in this area from the piano or the carousel horsies, but the horsies had such an awesome selection of poses that I couldn’t resist. The world may end, but at least it ends in style?

All the clothes, collar and the hair decoration are a part of the aforementioned, breathtakingly generous group gifts. Skin is by The Plastik and eyes by Poetic Colors. First pose is by Niqotine Poses, the second by Striking Poses. Hair is Sky Everett, naturally. If Sonya goes into a gothic, dramatic, brilliantly beautiful end of the world she goes there wearing Sky Everett and listening to Abney Park:

~All that floats upon the sea, all that hangs in the air
All that sits in dust or dirt eventually ensnared.
The gentle touch of time will take you unaware
Pulling all creations down, an elegant affair.~


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