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French Bird

I brake for birds! In this particular case, I paused my fervent running around the grid after red cubes of DOOM for these birdies~ After all, Twisted and Steam will be here for the whole March, but the birdies won’t.

I’m talking about the BUZZURL!! 49L$ event, full of awesome Japanese cuteness, all priced 49L each. It’s around only until March 7th, so hurry~ Another short-timed event that you might wanna poke at is The French Touch Hunt. It’s short and sweet and has some nifty things~

The birdie skybox and birdie lamp by Aju, strawberry mousse by Poche, all three from BUZZURL 49L event. The blue chaise by MaMia and the adorable mime outfit by Adoness are a part of the French Touch Hunt. Hair (Waka & Yuki), skin (Djinn & Tonic) and shoes (Maitreya) are not a part of either~

And now to hunt down more red cubes and resist the temptation to go back to shopping for cute things…


2 thoughts on “French Bird

  1. Thank you for mentionning the French Touch Hunt, I’m glad you enjoyed the hunt and the gifts 🙂

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