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52 Colours: Ecru

Ecru — what a strange sounding word. For some reason it doesn’t sound like this vintagey respectable shade of tan. Darker than beige, lighter than brown. I stared at the sample at 52 Weeks of Color Challenge and had two visions. One, a vintage pencil skirt suit. Two, a safari outfit. Despite a friend’s request to combine both, I didn’t go hunting for a vintage safari outfit, although I did buy something just for the colour challenge. First time so far! Although I have a feeling that these light, soft colours will be problematic for me. I tremble in fear just thinking of pastels.

Miss Ecru has packed her bags — even the one with a steampunk propeller — and poured herself a glass of champagne for bon voyage, and is ready to go! Where will she go? Who knows~ Perhaps she’s off to Paris for delightful dallying, perhaps to London for the latest scandalous season in high society, perhaps to Madrid to laze underneath a parasol and fan herself in the heat… the destination does not matter, it’s all about the moment of departure.

Skin by Mango Mango!, eyes by Poetic Colors, hair by Waka & Yuki, lashes by Imabee and additional make-up underneath the veil by Mynerva. Jacket and gloves by Miamai, shirt by Sn@tch and the skirt by Mimikri. The skirt is the one thing I purchased, I couldn’t resist the sale in Mimikri. It ends on March 7th, so if you haven’t checked it out yet you better hurry! The adorable little house is by Zacca, the small purse-size mini trunks on the window sill by Sey, the champagne by Waverly Kline, suitcase by Oblonski, the steampunk shopping helpers by The Brass Needle and pose by POSEbility.


9 thoughts on “52 Colours: Ecru

  1. This is such a cool photo. I Love how you matched everything, and also gave the pic a pop of color with the hat box in the corner.
    I do hope Ms Ecru has a splendid trip wherever her destination may be. With that top on, she just might not have to tip the bell hop. =)

    Great Job!

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