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Frick for Fantasy

But not for long anymore. Sadness. Frick is closing, at least for now. You might have noticed that I use her skins a lot in various fantasy shots. I’m especially fond of her grey tones. There’s also a lot of lolita style cuteness in the form of dresses, and skins ranging from steampunk to drow and geisha to neko.

Everything in the shop is at least -50% until 1st of April, after which the shop will be gone. Obviously I had to go over and yoink more things!

I did say I like her grey tones, right? *coughs* Oh, and the cracks and tears and ouchies on the right are a separate tattoo layer. Finally I can do the broken doll look on any skin! (Hair by Sky Everett, eyes by Poetic Colors, poses by LAP.) Frick’s always been famous for her dollarbie wearable demos, so even if you’re really, really low on budget, there’s tons of fun fantasy skins for even more ridiculously cheap than the sale offers.

Frick also has four small, cutesy skyboxes for sale. I had to grab two, this is one of them. And when have I ever been able to resist the combination of black, red, corsetry and garters? Yeah, exactly. (Hair by Waka & Yuki, pose by Estetica.) Oh, and the valentine hunt skins and dress are still around in little dollarbie hearts, too.

You have until the end of March, here’s your destination!


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