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So Steamy~

As usual, after I train my caming skills to extreme with Twisted, I assault Steam Hunt. They’re always during the same months, after all. Steam Hunts are mostly about furniture, gadgets, strange machinations and textures with some top hats tossed into the mix, but this round there were some excellent clothing choices as well! I used Sky Everett’s hairs in all the pictures as well as lovely golden eyes from Poetic Colors. Skins changed, but none of these were a part of the hunt.

Here’s a random noble lady, concerned over something, perchance a theft of something valuable. The matter disturbed her so greatly that she forgot her after-masquarade bath for the moment.

That half-mask with the elegant face piercing made me squee. It’s by Orquidea and absolutely breathtaking. The outfit is by Rag Dollz and matching gold-painted skin by Imabee. She’s sitting on a steampunk throne by Julia Collection while the bathtub by Damned Good Design is momentarily forgotten in the background. The holdable mask (a part of the outfit) lies on the edge of the bath. All the pictures except the last were taken in a steampunk loft by D&M Dream Furniture.

Perhaps this has something to do with her worries: an airship pirate obviously feeling way too smug for being innocent. Of anything. She’s been up to no good, that’s clear.

The whole outfit is by Dare Designs and perfect for daring pirate girls. It comes with a skirt option, but those just get in the way! The crates she’s sitting on are a part of a fun celebratory prop combination from Lemons & Cream, it came complete with champagne and a booty chest! In the background you can see a work table by E&D Engineering and outlander’s sideboard with accessories by Noctis. Skin is by Nightshade.

The pirate girl has reason to celebrate because she’s hidden her loot so cleverly that even the best detective in town has been driven to drink. Or at least to consider one, while fiddling with her trusted gun on the table.

This outfit is beyond awesome. I love Wretched Dollies as is, but when they turn into western steampunk complete with guns, it’s time to break out that champagne! The goggles are by Grim Bros, the hat is by The Mad Hattery and the skin one of the latest group gifts by Mynerva. The table with everything on it is a part of POST’s metropol set and there’s a fainting couch by The Naughty Victorian on the background. The sketches on the wall are a part of the loft.

Now, where did the pirate girl hide the treasure? In the magical gear forest guarded by steampunk fairies of course! …of course there are such things, stop looking at me like that. If there weren’t, there wouldn’t have been several pairs of wings as prizes, nor magical plants, flowers and awesome things as well!

See? A steampunk fairy! Wings by Wildz Creations and dress by Ezura. The skin was a 50L Friday purchase from The Plastik a while ago and I felt that the curliques on it worked with the wings~ Trees and shiny things on the background are by The Epic Toy Factory and I warmly recommend visiting them to see all the nifty things. It was impossible to capture the entertainment of teaching daisies to dance or hopping up and down on shrooms or wandering in the magical airship where the prize was hidden, you have to go and see for yourself! I set my own little magical gear garden in the conservatory by Primwynly.

I feel like I cut the story into a cliffhanger. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a colour-post about what it was that the pirate girl stole… one of these days. We’ll see~


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