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52 Colours: Umber

More browns! How many browns can there be? *weeps* This particular shade is cold, like brown went and had dubious affairs with blue. I’ve been amazed how all the colour-bloggers have managed not to blog same things — a proof of so many different personalities and tastes and also of the great variety of options on the grid. I fear that this time will be different. I’m sure I wasn’t the only colour-blogger who did Twisted Hunt and realized that this raven skin is pretty much perfect umber. I was tempted to do a nude shot, but… well, I pretty much did that with the Twisted post, so instead I turned the Youngest Raven Sister into a faun and dropped her into Narnia. Why? Because it amuses me.

“How would it be if you came and had tea with me?” Miss Umber might not look like Mr. Tumnus, but I have a feeling she also might be such a terrible faun. That is hardly an outfit for traipsing in the snow, no matter how warm the scandalously red scarf might be~

Skin by b[ELLE]issima (Twisted Hunt), eyes by Sn@tch, hair by Waka & Yuki (lucky chair in main store), antlers by Illusions, ears by De La Fae. The flimsy top is by Tyranny Designs and the scarf by Amacci. The umbrella is by ImmateriA (Twisted Hunt) and the lamp post is by Eolande.

So what do you say? Would you go and have some tea with Miss Umber? Preferably before she catches a cold standing under the lamp post~


5 thoughts on “52 Colours: Umber

  1. I’ll have some tea miss Umber… you look awesome and I hadn’t thought about using that skin as the Umber colour this week, but WOW love the look you pulled together, move over mr.Tumnus there’s a new faun in town!

  2. Ill have tea with Ms Umber!! Heck, I’ll even hold the umbrella while you pour the tea. =)

    FANTASTIC look, very creative.

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