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52 Colours: Sky Blue

I love blue, almost any shade of it. I think I’m practically nationally obligated to love blue, come to think of it. *chuckles* So when we finally got to a blue instead of zillionth shade of brown, it was definitely squee time! Even though the sky blue of the colour sample is dubiously pastellish. <.<

Miss Sky Blue is of melancholia and dreams, of wistful longing and soft sighs. ~Come fly with us~, the birds sang. ~Fly with us, wingless earthbound birdsoul~ and although Miss Sky Blue did not know what they said, they filled her heart with longing she could not understand, but was unable to deny.

…what? This is the colour of poetic blue birds, don’t even try to deny it! The birdies flew in from Happy Mood, by the way. The couch is by LISP and the skybox by Zacca. Miss Sky Blue is made out of a Mynerva skin, Sky Everett hair, Umedama Holic eyes and CoLLisions face tattoo. The lingerie is by Seldom Blue, hand jewelry by Mandala, necklace by Perturb/ation and the flower in her hair is by Mocha.

I heard the little birdy called Luna whisper in the group that we’re not gonna get muted colours until May and that April will be a very vibrant month. I’m not sure whether to be excited or scared now!


14 thoughts on “52 Colours: Sky Blue

  1. Obviously the birdies stole the show and are the real stars! *laughs* Thank you for the comments, and Rudh: yes, my wardrobe is a thing to fear. Fear, I tell you! (Especially when I go on a hunt and it bloats overnight into a primzilla. <.<)

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