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Pink Bunny Avenger Appears!

…I might have lost my mind. Yes, I’m aware that this is the second post in a row with pink in it. I apologize. See, I was dressing for a costume contest with theme Awesome Anime. I’ve watched a fair share of various animes and am a fan of several series, but for some reason actual virtual cosplay has never been my thing. I rather mix-match my own looks than wear a ready character. So, the thought process went something like this: ‘Hmm, something cute and kawaii, and then make it kick-ass! Innocent face, pink hair, oohh bunny ears! …and lolita dress and then… blood and ridiculously oversized weapons!’ Without further ado, I give you the Pink Bunny Avenger!

And this is only a minimum of weapons any self-respecting anime heroine should have! Battle fans from OMFG, the big demon sword on her back and the katanas on her side from Bare Rose. I haven’t quite figured out what she’ll be avenging, but I’m sure it’s a good cause! Possibly cruelty toward bunnies, like not giving them noms or petting them when they feel snuggly. The horror!

Obviously our heroine has a comfy throne where to lounge in and …waitwhat, are those tentacles? …perhaps I shouldn’t be so fast to use the h-word, maybe… ‘main character’ would work better… *coughs* The throne and the AO with the fitting poses for it is from Creative Insanity (Twisted Hunt prize). The house with obvious after-battle wallpapers is by Sugar.Snap.Me. The pose in the first picture is by Niqotine Poses. The Avenger is wearing a dress from Rotten Toe (only slightly blood-spattered!), socks by LeeZu, shoes by Grim Bros and gloves & bracelets combination from Loulou&Co (Twisted Hunt prize). Skin is the lovely Amaterasu skin from Pink Fuel, the same place the lil white minion bunnies are from, too. Eyes by Umedama Holic, hair by Curious Kitties and the bunny ears with a lovely little cherry blossom by Poetica (Pacific Crisis Fundraiser). Oh, and the cutesy ribbon around her neck is by Nightshade.

So you better be nice to bunnies, you never know who might hear about it if you don’t!


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