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52 Colours: White

Well, this will be easy, I thought. Yeahno. First of all, I was completely unable to decide which look to blog, so you get two Miss Whites in one picture. Second, I consider myself thoroughly humbled and lectured on technical aspects of screenshots, props, lighting and photoshop. I did the same photoshoot on two separate days and I could have used even a third one to get it closer to where I really wanted it to be. …at least it was a learning experience? *sighs*

The first Miss White is one of my classic looks. White equals snow in my mind and I’ve whipped out a snow fairy look oh so often. In the picture she’s obviously an elemental of sorts, the reason why snow glitters so in the mornings: she’s been flying around spreading sparklies! The second Miss White is a strange creature that I could not resist creating. I call her a Moo Girl. Yes, those are cow horns and ears, they came with the dress! The combination of cow with cutesy lolita was somehow so mindbreaking that it popped up in all its surreality for white. Why the blindfold? Maybe she’s seen things mortals are not meant to see? Or maybe she sees things others do not when she stops relying on her physical eyes…

The Snow Fairy is made out of skin by Bodies by Oh!, eyes by The Plastik, hair by Tekeli-li, wings by Material Squirrel and elven ears by Illusions. Her silvery snowflake covering is by Casey’s Creations and the rings with the white magic particles are by Fallen Gods Inc. The Moo Girl is wearing a dress and horns & ears by Violent Creations, an old hunt prize. The skin is by aMused, hair by Curious Kitties, the little flower on her cheek is from a make-up layer by Esk-Imo and the pretty ribbon blindfold is from Picnic’s gacha. The background is from a Midsummer Night Retreat skybox by Firefly Fashions and both poses are by Niqotine Poses.

Whew. Now I’m almost waiting for a weird colour I have not even heard of to replace the problem of abundance!


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