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Noms <3

I’m sharing my latest cause for craving, because I’m an evil person like that. Poche makes delicious, delicious treats and has them for free or in a lucky board. Free noms for all! I’ve set the noms on a subscribo-gift from KUE!, a cosy kotatsu. The cutesy bedroom is a group gift from DP yumyum, the lamp is a freebie from Zacca and the floral painting a hunt prize from Croire.

The adorable little dolls by Naminoke are from Help Japan Event and come in two sizes, this is the mini kawaii size. And yes, I admit it, the noms are just an excuse to get to flail about this hairdo. You know me and big hairdos, especially if they have random sticks and things in them. Tukinowaguma even provided the decorations in several colours ❤ The mini-kimono is by Toutou-ann. There’s a sale in the shop and the proceeds are going to Japan, as well. The skin is by League, I just turned it slightly more scene-fitting with a make-up layer from Esk-Imo. The eyes are by Poetic Colors and are firmly fixed on the noms~


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