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Dragons in Vegas

More loots! The setting is The Hollinger Vegas Skybox by La Flat, a gift from The Wild Man Hunt. I must say it’s the first skybox I’ve seen that has been clearly designed for men — there’s even pin-up pictures on the walls and some magazines on the window sill, a fireplace and absolutely no cutesy stuff. The city view was awesome, too. I was so amused that I had to take a couple of pictures there.

The cactus is by Clutter (Plant This Hunt) and most of the look is by Void. There’s a closing sale going on there, no idea for how long, but everything is just one linden per item/outfit. There was a lot of interesting stuff that I had to grab, despite grunge being very, very far from my usual styles. I’d especially like to draw your attention to the kamikaze dynamite belt and the bag with pirate symbols. Oh, and skull boots. And headphones. The hat-hair is by Waka & Yuki, from their latest lucky chair and both hat and hair are colour-change-scripted. What little you can see of socks is an old freebie/cheapie by Edge Grafica. The skin, eyes, lip stripe and armwarmers are by The Plastik. Pose by Olive Juice. The dragon face tattoo is one of the two prizes by Fallen Gods Inc. in Forces of Nature Hunt. (The HUD to hunt with costs 150L and goes to Japan Benefit.)

Here’s the lighter dragon tattoo, obviously worn with less clothes. That’s how you know it’s light. Right? …actually I just needed stiletto-heel and mini-dress therapy after the shorts and stompy boots. Skin, eyes, non-dragon tattoos and the mini-dress are by The Plastik — a part of that huge pile of Fantasy Faire freebies Aikea was giving to visitors during the weekend. Hair is by LOQ Hairs, boots are by Addictia and the pillow with poses is by Olive Juice, a freebie in the Pose Fair. The ring and the bracelet by Kosh are from Project Fur Japan.

So there you have it, dragons in Vegas. One to have fun there, the other to blow up the place to cover their tracks~


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