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Of Clouds and Fairies

I don’t honestly remember when the grid would have been so full of events, it’s ridiculously busy. My linden wallet is on the brink of giving me restraining order. My ‘possibly maybe to be blogged’ folders are growing and yet I have trouble organizing them into any semblance of coherency and photoshoot. Today I finally managed to get started!

You all know Fantasy Faire is going on at the moment, right? They’re supporting Relay for Life and in addition to the usual items and auctions, they also locked some of the designers in Snow White style caskets and people had to donate to RFL to bail them out! Evie from Evie’s Closet sent an adorable cry for help about ugly frogs and how bad kissers they are, and promised a special something for everyone who donated. The special something was this gorgeous, gorgeous fairy dress and wings~

I found the butterflies in a jar from Fantasy Faire as well. They’re by Panda Express and I simply had to have them. Mine. <.< The arm tattoos and the eyes are one tiny part of the huge, huge pile of freebies Aikea Rieko of The Plastik dropped on everyone visiting her shop in Fantasy Faire during the weekend. There’ll be more bloggage from that pile in the future, trust me.

All the furniture – the daybed by LISP, rainy chair by Art Dummy and vase & table by UrbanizeD – are from Professor Lisp’s Cloudbusting Hunt. The sim alone is worth a visit, so pretty and creative! Go, boggle!

The skin is by Coca & Wolf (Mix and Match Hunt) and it’s simply adorable with all the butterflies. The hair is one of the latest group gifts by Curious Kitties (I dyed it with the non-free HUD, though). The skybox is by C’est Moi!, a prize in the Easter Eggstravaganza Hunt. The real star of the picture is the adorable baby panda (by Yakisha Yalin) sitting on the rainy chair and nomming bamboo. He’s from Project Fur Japan, another event well worth visiting!


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