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The Same Damn Thing~

…well, this has been probably my most active blogging week ever. Stuff just keeps coming up and demanding to be blogged! Like this one: What if we all wore the same damn thing? – We’d still look different. I love blogger challenges and this one is a tribute to one of the best bloggers I ever had the pleasure to read: Achariya. No, I never met her, but I read her blog all starry-eyed long before I ever considered fumbling with this stuff. I spotted awesome non-mainstream wonders from her blog, enjoyed her writing and admired her imagination and creativity. There’s a hole in the blogverse after she stopped. Sadness.

The basic idea and concept of the challenge is this: “Fashion blogging on SL is about self-expression, not neurotically making sure that nobody else has written about my shirt before.” So, the challenge is to wear the Oxford Shirt by Schadenfreude in your own style. We all wear the same damn thing, but we do it in our own way~

I was so, so sure I’d end up doing a teacher look. Then I was trying on hat-hairs and ran into this subscribo-gift from Amacci, blinked and began digging through my weapons folder. So we have a classic ganster girl instead! The tie is by Miel and I adore the way it’s tossed over the shoulder all casual like. The skirt is by Kyoot, there’s a 50L sale going on for the weekend ❤ The gun is by Coco Colonial, I think there was some freebie promo way back in the day in the xstreet of the time. Tights by LeeZu, skin by League, earrings by Kosh.

Skybox by Zacca, wall decal by What Next?, raven paintings by Kosh, absinthe tray by The Fooding and the piano by Glitterati. It had awesome poses, but they didn’t work with the gun, so using one of the gun poses by Niqotine Poses instead.

Keep on eye on this post’s comments, people are linking their own versions of the Same Damn Thing there, so much fun to see!

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