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52 Colours: Asparagus

We’re obviously going strong on the fruit and vegetable line, I bet next week will be eggplant! Or… potato! Possibly a starfruit! My first instinct was to make Miss Asparagus and plant her. You know, have a field, maybe a scarecrow, all that stuff. Instead I ended up turning her into a dryad. Maybe she grew up. <.<

It’s spring and Miss Asparagus is slowly waking up in the sun, gathering enough energy to emerge from her tree. The birds sitting on one of her branches have yet to realize it’s turned into an arm. She’s leaving behind her shell, her cover, not quite a husk… her anchor to the soil. She will return to rest soon, right after soaking up some of that wondrous sun…

This skin by Sn@tch was a prize in one of the long-gone Twisted Hunts and belonged to an absinthe fairy. It was the first thing in my inventory to sort of match asparagus, although it’s of course lighter… I balanced it with the demon fades tintable tattoo layers from The Plastik. The face tattoo and the painted top are from there as well. Eyes are by Poetic Colors, hair by Curious Kitties, the branch choker by Fallen Gods Inc and the pose by Niqotine Poses.

The daphne tree is by Oddment (love the myth), the white birdie is by Happy Mood, the red finch is by Schadenfreude and the background grass and tree are by Houses for You.


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