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Flash of a Fin

Fantasy Faire closes soon (Sunday 10th April), so if you haven’t yet bankrupted yourself, now is the time! If you haven’t even visited the Faire, go and have a looksee at the amazing builds if nothing else! I felt like swimming about in the wonderful Sea of Mer, so I put together a mermaid look.

The mermaid parts and the tattoo were all a part of a Faire freebie by LIS (Lost in Starnight). I couldn’t resist using a Mynerva-skin for it, there’s just something so… genuine in those features and I love the make-up. The wild, wild hair is by Vita’s Boudoir and has caused many a squee since I bought it. Absolutely perfect for mermaids. Eyes are from a group gift from Fallen Gods Inc. First pose is by Niqotine Poses and the second by TempT. The jewelry is by Mandala. Just because you swim about in the ocean and are covered in scales doesn’t mean you can’t be fashion-conscious!

Resting on old ruins, watching sun play on the surface of the waves somewhere high above. Don’t let the innocent expression fool you, obviously this silvery creature is to paler mermaids what the drow are to forest elves… those nails are not for cutting seaweed sushi! …and now I wanna roleplay a mermaid somewhere. *sighs*


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