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To Nom or Not to Nom?

…that is the question, of course. I’ve been lately stalking lucky chairs and occasionally poking at the Hunt for the Nerdz for novelty value alone! Sonya gave me a Look and demanded to be in disguise and incognito. Fortunately with the amount of glasses there were among the prizes this was not a problem. What? It worked for Clark Kent!

The adorable panda ice cream nom is from a lucky chair in Love Soul. I want one of these in real life, dammit. The shirt is from a lucky board in Pesca. (There’s a sale going on in there, too.) The hair is the latest group gift by Miamai and somehow the messiness of it just fit so perfectly with the look. The skin by Silenced, jeans by HerBerry, glasses by sqooq and the amusing Pac-Man tattoo by V Tattoo Store are all from the hunt. The pose is by Niqotine Poses. And may I draw your attention to the boots? I bought them today from Lassitude & Ennui to hop around in steampunk looks, but they’re so nifty that I have hard time taking them off…

As for the surroundings, the adorable chirpy skybox (the house is a birdhouse, there’s a gigantic birdy sitting outside) is by My Happy Place. The desk, chair and the stuff on the desk is by Crackberry. Nerdy Domo on top of the desk is by Woody End and is really a holdable doll kind of a thing. Bender (how awesome is that?) is by Deadly Poetic. All of these are from the Hunt for the Nerdz. The table on the right is by La Flat from Mix & Match Hunt.


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