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Mixing Myths

It all started with a snake. …or at least with scales. This post is about the two latest must-have squee-shopping purchases I made. Both have scales.

The actual snake is by Le Lutka and is for sale in Project Fur Japan. It’s very clearly the fashion accessory of the season! *grins* It even flicks its tongue! Obviously after I had purchased it I had to build a look around it. It does call for old-fashioned pin-up or darker debauchery, but for some reason my mind was set on the Minoan Snake Goddess. I ended up buying the Minoan outfit from Bare Rose, the shop that has everything. *grins* Then it was just a matter of mixing an Egyptian house by Atom Burma with a Minoan pool by SITonTHIS and ta-dah~

I couldn’t find the Minoan ringlet hairdos in a way I would’ve liked, but this one by Tekeli-li came close enough. The skin and the eyes are by The Plastik, lovely curliques on the body and yellow eyes to match the snake theme. The apple is by Shade and the pose by Olive Juice. The lovely golden snake armlet is by Baiastice, an old freebie, but gorgeous.

The second scaley thing is this breathtaking nymph outfit by Evie’s Closet. Naturally the scales are of the mermaid, not of snake, but scales they are… remnants of the tail. According to Evie the magical gem on the forehead allows the mermaid to have legs, which is fine by me! Much easier to dance that way~ The modesty scales on the top can be extremely translucent depending on your skin. This Mango, Mango! skin with the fitting blue make-up stripe was more muted and paler than Sonya’s default and much less noticable in certain areas…

The hair is by Tekeli-li, eyes by Umedama Holic and the tattoo layer lashes by Miamai. The Botticelli’s Venus pose is by Kaboom Karlfeldt and was oh so fitting for this particular picture. The lotus water temple is by W. Winx.


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