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52 Colours: Eggplant

I’m amused at how many people actually correctly called this week being eggplant in advance. I wonder if that means we’ll have something like… tomato next week? The spring of fruit and vegetables continues!

To my surprise the clothes that matched the colour swatch best (on my screen) were not lolita dresses or gowns like I assumed they’d be. No, Miss Eggplant turned out to be a casual girl! She obviously likes campfires and watching stars with a good cup of coffee and some cute company~

I meant the squirrels, of course. What else? They’re from Plod, which isn’t around anymore. The cuteness factor of the grid took a huge hit when they poofed. The adorable thermos and coffee cup are by KUE! and the star atlas is made by Chrystin Hathor. The sky, grass, campfire and logs are all a part of a sky sphere by A.D.D. Andel!, it was their prize in the Albero’s Kawaii Hunt.

The bunny bag where all the noms and other vital provisions are packed is from the same place as the eggplantish crow shirt: Tyranny Designs. The shop doesn’t exist under that name anymore and I doubt these items are in the new incarnation of the shop, but the designer is the same Tyr Rozenblum who owns Grixdale these days. Pants are by Cynful, hair with colour-change band by Maitreya (old subscribo-gift), necklace by Twinkleberry (also from Albero’s Kawaii Hunt), pose by Niqotine Poses, eyes by The Plastik, skin by League and the huckleberry nom by Evie’s Closet.


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