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My Digits?

Strawberry Singh launched a sort of a blogger challenge about our pixel measurements. It’s been interesting to see all the differences, although one thing stays constant. Foot size zero. Granted, these days you could run around with realistically sized feet and just use alpha layers with shoes, but still. All the shoes are built around zero size, so zero size they are. Another similar issue are the hands if you’re a prim nail user. 20 just seems so small to me, but 30 seems too big and most of the nails are made for 20 and… just gah. I’m most of the time without prim nails, though, so that’s not such a problem.

Enough rambling, here are Sonya’s digits. At the moment. <.<

When I first shaped her (there’s been some minor edits here and there) I wanted to make a fifties pin-up timeglass figure that was still within realistic proportions. I edit her shape every now and then, a pixel taken away from one place, added to another, but this is pretty much her.

Skin is by League, hair by Waka & Yuki, eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave, bikini and tattoo by Mauloa and the poses by AnaLu (left) and Niqotine Poses (right).


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