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Feeling Peqeish

I realize that I must be horribly late with this revelation, but… I randomly ported to Peqe and within the first minutes I IMed a friend of mine with the words: “Help, help, I’ve landed in a shop where I want to buy everything!”

Now, I had noted the outstanding quality of the items from various feeds, but the clothes had generally been loose coats or the adorable poppy dresses or something else that I admire on others, but can’t possibly wear on Sonya. I had no idea Inex Hax did these… mixes of classic lines combined with rock vibe spiced with eighties! Slinky ❤

Patterned leather dresses. Must. not. buy. them. all. I put this black alligator mini dress with shoulderpads on and just stared at the textures in awe. I also have the strangest urge to mock my own penchant for looks that have drama and flair and buy a huge hat and turn this into an Alexis post.

Blue leather with zippers. Squee! Repeat to self: must not buy them all, must not buy them all… oh, the tights are from Peqe as well. Otherwise I’m in one of my favorite combo looks (practically a default these days) of skin by League, hair by Waka & Yuki and eyes by Poetic Colors. I bought new lashes from Redgrave, though! Bangles are by Mandala and what little you can see of earrings are by Rozoregalia. What little you can see of shoes are by Grim Bros. Skybox by Zacca, stairs with poses by BehaviorBody.

And one of these years I’ll remember to haze the horizon when taking pictures in skyboxes with windows. Outside, what a novel concept. o.o


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