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To Merrily Go Around~

I’ve always been amused by the word. Merry-go-round. It’s something I feel we Finns should call them, since we usually have very unimaginatively descriptive names for things, but no. We call them karuselli, aka the Finnishized version of carousel. Apparently the word comes from Italian garosello, ‘little battle’. The whole thing was apparently a form of cavalry training. Who knew!

This wonderful summery carousel is from Kusshon, a prize in the Seasons Hunt. The spring lampions (another wonderful word) are by Nordaris from the same hunt. So is the fun sunroom by Molto Bene! I usually try to take my pictures with very clear settings so the items are visible, but this combination just called for shadows. Beware of green-eyed dollies asking for a whirl~

The dolly has a Mynerva skin (group gift), Redgrave lashes, The Plastik eyes, additional make-up by Pididdle (Seasons Hunt) and hair by Waka & Yuki (dollarbie at Mimi’s Choice). The dress is by Blue Blood, earrings by DP Yumyum (group gift), crown and doll key by Violet Voltaire (No Strings Attached Hunt) and the pose is from a broken dolly AO by Creative Insanity (NSA Hunt).


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