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52 Colours: Periwinkle

Periwinkle was problematic. As usual, I had the colour swatch Luna had posted visible while checking my inventory. Some of the light blues were close match, but nothing really clicked. So I went colour-shopping for the first time since the skirt for Miss Ecru. Periwinkle continued to be problematic. The colours that seemed to match ranged from baby blue to pale lilac. In the end I made the decision based on ‘I’ll actually wear this later on’ principle. *grins*

Miss Periwinkle is a mix of spring casual and sophistication. I’d imagine she walks around in the gardens with that hat on while handsome gardeners tend to the actual plant life. There’d be ice tea with a mint leaf in it and fresh strawberries. Chirpy birds and flittery butterflies don’t even have to be mentioned.

Miss Periwinkle is made out of skin by League, eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave and hair by LOQ Hairs. She’s wearing a summery blouse and shorts by LeeZu and a wonderful summer hat by G Field. The cute tiny branch with a butterfly in her mouth is from a lucky chair in Love Soul.  The pose is by Boxed Heroes, one of their freebie Jean Grey ones. The background has parts of the curtains by North West and the bench by LISP visible, both from the Seasons Hunt.


10 thoughts on “52 Colours: Periwinkle

  1. Well..I’ll tell ya, Miss Periwinkle is a doll first off! But, I am eying that hat, those roses look good enough to eat. I LOVE birthday cake, and I do believe Ms Laila would try and take a bite out of Miss Periwinkle’s hat! =)

    Beautiful pic

  2. Thanks for comment on my post. I return the compliment, love your style and way of telling a story

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