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Hoppy Bunday!

I thought I was already done with Easterish posts with all the peeping, but nooo… had to find cute must-blog bunnies still. So here, a quickie bun post!

You didn’t think that bunnies just wiggled their noses, now did you? The delightfully spring appropriate love shack is by MiaSnow from the Stash Bash Hunt. The basket with a bunny is an Easter gift by Baffle and so adorable. The egg-hatching bunny on top of my head is a hunt prize from Sanu, a part of the Cupcakes sim Easter hunt. And my most favorite bunny is of course Latte, my very first Ozimals bunny and these days also the only one. She’s an elder lady now, over 400 days, but still as interested in fashion posing as ever. The jewelry is by Mariposa. I wish she’d start creating and selling things again, her stuff is so awesome. ❤ Dress by MALT, skin by League, hair by Waka & Yuki, eyes by Poetic Colors, lashes by Redgrave and the bunnyhugging pose from Poses for Prose and Poetry.


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