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Strawberry Noir

I couldn’t decide whether I should call this Strawberry Tart or Playing with Balls, but for oh so very obvious reasons decided to use something else! I’ve been a good girl and avoiding shopping and cleaning my inventory instead. After a couple of days of that the twitching begins. Surely there are awesome deals, new things, hunts and events going on out there, calling your name? So you open a blog… (dun dun dun)

I sort of blame Luna Jubilee for this. Without her colour challenges there’s no way that anything this pink would survive in the inventory longer than it takes to try it on. But I do love Seldom Blue’s lingerie, even in pink. In fact I’m tempted to go and get this in some more sonya-friendly colour. This particular version was just 10L and a Touch of Sensuality Easter Hunt prize. The lavender hair is the latest freebie by Curious Kitties. The lingerie matching popsicle is by TOSL and from Albero’s Gacha Festival. It came with the matching lip colour, but I rather used the teeth layer by Mynerva for this. Omnomnom~

There’s more noms on the bed — strawberry shortcake set by Poche (lucky board). The lanterns are by Vespertine, red flower vase by UrbanizeD (both freebies) and the bed is by Awesome Blossom (Seasons Hunt prize). The skybox is a group gift from Lo*momo and the pose is by Ks2cool. Since noms were obviously the theme for this, I added the delicious freebie rings by Donna Flora as a back-up reserve for when the popsicle runs out.

After all this pink and sugar I absolutely needed something dark to balance. Pixelated diabetes is a srs matter, oyes.

Immediately feeling better! The light box setting with poses and the glowing ball props is by Glitterati, from Best Selling Creations Hunt. Hair is from my favorite scifi hair shop, Mirror. (Used to be Alpha. You know, the one in Cyber Bunker.) Outfit is by Dare Designs and I think I used one of the hunt-prize gift cards for it… latex and spikes so fun together. The skins in both pictures are by ^Re.Birth^, a part of their prize in the Best Selling Creations Hunt. The eyes in both pictures are by Umedama Holic.

…and now back to sorting the inventory, honest. <.<


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