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52 Colours: Tangerine

We continue with the nom-theme… I wonder if strawberry will be next? Or mint? As for tangerine, I did an inventory search for ‘orange’ and tried everything I found while keeping an eye on Luna’s sample. This mini-dress by Hyper Culture was pretty much perfect. Not only with the tangerine tone on top, but the rest of the colours it mixed in. Add to that an Elikatira hair with a colour-change band from the sale she had and suddenly I knew exactly who Miss Tangerine was…

Miss Tangerine lives in a debaucherous little Hookah Hangout Skybox by The Sea Hole (Stash Bash Hunt). She loves her snuggly pet snake (LeLutka), noms of all kinds like the orange mousse (Poche) Kärmes is guarding, flowers (Split Pea – Seasons Hunt), music streaming from her Sounds of Nature Earphones (Tweedle), freedom, love and relaxation. You might call her a hippy, you might call her a wiccan, you might call her a gypsy, you might call her a lot of different things, but she’d still share her orange mousse with you~

Miss Tangerine has a skin by The Plastik, eyes by Poetic Colors and lashes by Redgrave. Her earrings are by Bliensen + MaiTai and her necklace by Kosh (from Project Fur Japan). The paint face splatter is by Sanu and the stockings by Vinyl Cafe. The lazy spring bed is by Vespertine (also from Seasons Hunt) and the wall decal is by Cheeky Pea. The glittery balls and pillows under Kärmes are a part of the skybox.

Edit: No, not strawberry or mint, instead we’ll have olive next!


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