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Zombie Killer

What’s a girl to do when Culture Shock keeps being full and the twitching begins? Simple. Go kill some zombies! The Zombie Killer Hunt just started and continues for most of May. It’s rather different from the regular hunts — you actually have to fight to get your slurl and hint list!

Port in to Grimly’s Bloodbath & Beyond Zombie Apocalypse, pick up a free HUD and weapons, equip them and off you go! If you’re as clueless as I am about HUD combat systems, worry not. It’s really very easy. Go to mouseview and left-click to shoot. If Sonya got through the ordeal without breaking a nail in her high heel biker boots, so can you! You can take your pick between handguns, a shotgun or a sword and if you actually run around killing zombies on regular basis, check out the sim’s rules about accepted weapons and weapon systems. The quest begins by locating Edward who is standing in the middle of the parking lot and clicking him to get the quest to find his wallet. Then you go to a graveyard (in the background in the pictures) and begin the zombie extermination. When you see a wallet dropping, go near it or walk over it, it’s not a buyable or clickable object. Your HUD will react to it and there’s also a sound effect. Then back to Edward to get the slurl and hint list for the first 50 shops. I haven’t yet gone through them, but at that point there’ll be more zombie killing!

I haven’t yet sorted the prizes I got so far, so nothing except the guns are from the hunt. This is how I dressed up to go and hunt! I love that leather jacket by Aoharu so much. ❤ Fishnet bodysuit that I use as a top and the gloves are by Sn@tch. The jeans are by Sweetest Goodbye and I added fishnet tights by Bad Juju under them. Skull buckle collar is by Dreams, hair by Lamb, belt by Loulou&Co, make-up a mix between the layer by Adore&Abhor and lashes by Redgrave. The biker boots with heels are by Redgrave, too, although they’re not that visible. I fully intended to have kick-ass boot pictures, but SL threw an invisi-prim tantrum at me, so I just gave up and cropped. Skin by League and the poses by Niqotine Poses.

PS. Since the zombie killing efficiency is very scripty deal, prune down your scripts!


3 thoughts on “Zombie Killer

  1. Wow! Thank you for the awesome blog about the hunt and my zombie killing sim. I hope you and everyone else enjoys the hunt.

  2. You’re most welcome, thank you for organizing and providing zombie killing fun!

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